And My Spirit Is Crying For Leaving

Title: And My Spirit Is Crying For Leaving
Fandom: It's A Sin
Characters: Roscoe, Jill, Ritchie, Ash, Colin, Eileen. Mentions of Gloria
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spoilers for all series, character deaths.
Pairing: Ritchie/Ash
Summary: Three friends, three funerals: Gloria, Colin, Ritchie. Roscoe wonders who will be there for him.
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sayid desmond

Only The Good Die Young

Title: Only The Good Die Young
Fandom: Elite
Characters: Ander. Original characters - friends of Alexis. Mentions of Omar, Alexis.
Warning: Character death.
Rating: PG
Summary: When Ander hears that Alexis has died, he reevaluates his own life and decides he wants to experience the things Alexis never got to.
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Anya and the Goblin King

Title: Anya and the Goblin King
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Anya, Spike, Halfrek, Buffy. Mentions of Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Warren, Jonathan, Andrew.
Pairing: Anya/Spike
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death references, AU for season 6 and contains spoilers for season 6.
Summary: For the rare pairs challenge at 1_million_words, prompt was the Labyrinth quote "What kind of rubbish is that? It doesn't even start with 'I wish'." *tsk* "All she has to say is 'I wish the goblin king would come and take you away right now! That's not hard is it?!" (which just screamed Anya). Anya gets Spike to make a wish and Xander is taken away by the goblin king; but without Xander, there is no one to reason with Wicked Willow.

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octavia blake

It's Been A Long Cold Lonely Winter

Title: It's Been A Long Cold Lonely Winter
Fandom: The 100
Characters: Octavia.
Rating: G
Warnings: As the prompt at sunshine_challenge was spring related, I have disregarded the fact that Octavia and friends actually landed on Earth in September, or so I have confirmed by looking it up. But hey, considering the number of times show writers have disregarded existing timelines I probably don't need to worry about it. Other than that, only S1 spoilers.
Summary: Octavia had read about spring in Bellamy's old books on the Ark; now she gets to experience a spring on Earth.

The spring Octavia found herself in was not, of course the spring she had read about in all of Bellamy’s hand me down books, heard about in the lessons her family gave her. On the Ark, seasons had ceased to matter; Octavia had known that the months March, April and May technically were known as Spring, yet this had had no meaning in space, where every day was the same, with weather and seasons not existing to them, and it had even less meaning to Octavia, hidden away from all except her mother and brother. While Bellamy had tried to talk to Octavia about the seasons after learning about them at the Ark’s school, it was difficult for her to get much sense of it since her brother had never experienced a spring himself; by that time, none was left alive who had. There was no change in temperature on the Ark, no wildlife, no plants to burst into flower after the barren winter months.

Looking around at the earth where Octavia now found herself, she knew that thanks to the nuclear apocalypse, the spring she was about to experience here was never going to be quite the same as the springs she had read about in Bellamy’s books, yet it would be a new experience for her, a new beginning. Where her life concealed under the floorboards on the Ark, secret from the authorities due to the one child policy, had been one long winter, the spring on the Earth brought her hope for the future.
peter pan

Sunshine Challenge 5. (Peter) Pan

Prompt 5: Pan
Part man and part goat, Pan is a nature god well known in many mythologies. Born in Arcadia to Hermes and a dryad, Pan was a precocious child whose goat’s feet and horned head delighted the gods, but startled the mortals he lived nearer to; Pan did not live on Mount Olympus, but rather in the forests and wilds of Arcadia. Pan famously invented a musical instrument: the syrinx, or pan pipes as they are more commonly known. He is known for his haunting melodies, and music was often a central part to his worship.

So as I was reading the Pan prompt, the character Peter Pan from Once Upon a Time refused to leave my head, and he did have a story that was close enough and was inspired by Pan mythology, which resulted in this double drabble:


So this was his grandson, Peter Pan thought as he watched the children who followed the sound of his pipes through the streets of Hamelin, recognising Baelfire immediately among the crowd. So far, so good; more than he had ever imagined had heard his music and chosen to follow him back to Neverland, and Pan hoped that Baelfire would make the choice to accompany him too; they already had enough in common, after all, with both of them disappointed in a life with Rumplestiltskin.

Would Pan have kept the deal with Rumple to let him go had Baelfire chosen his father? He supposed it hardly mattered now; Baelfire had joined him in Neverland after all, and Henry, his son, turned out to be the one of use to him.


He may have failed with Baelfire, but his son Henry, specifically the Heart of the Truest Believer, was the one Pan really needed, and now he would learn from his mistakes back then. Allowing Baelfire the choice between Rumplestiltskin and himself had been Pan’s mistake; Henry would make the choice that Baelfire didn’t and would choose Pan, and he would believe that he had actually made that choice himself.
amanda clarke

Sunshine Challenge 4

Well, for a challenge of The Furies, relating to vengeance, what else came to mind but the TV show Revenge? After two fic entries going back to icons for this one:

One of everyone who was ever a main character, plus a bonus fake Amanda:

sayid desmond

Return to Peregrine Island

Title: Return to Peregrine Island
Fandom: The A List
Characters: Amber, Jenna, Mags, Harry, Iris.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers all through S2
Summary: For the "Hecate" prompt at sunshine_challenge. Amber prepares to live her life without her powers; Jenna fears she is beginning to display those previously shown by Midge.

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