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Never The Sun On My Face

Title: Never The Sun On My Face
Fandom: The 100
Characters: Bellamy, Octavia. Mentions of various Harry Potter characters.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for My Sister's Keeper. I am only on S1 so any errors are for that reason.
Summary: After reading the first few pages of Harry Potter where Harry still lives in the cupboard under the stairs, Bellamy brings the books home for Octavia. As they read on in the series, both end up wishing he hadn't.

Is he an illegal second sibling too?Collapse )

And The Memories I Never Can Escape

Title: And The Memories I Never Can Escape
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Lisa, Amelia, Ben, Sam, Castiel, Dean.
Pairings: past Lisa/Ben and Amelia/Sam
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers through S8 to be safe. References the tie in novel One Year Gone, although you don't have to have read that to understand the fic.
Summary: Lisa has no idea she was once in a relationship with a man named Dean Winchester. Yet when she moves to a new town and becomes friends with new neighbour Amelia and hears the story of Amelia's lost love Sam Winchester, memories begin to resurface.

Why would she be dreaming about someone she'd never even met?Collapse )


Title: Loophole
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters: Bonnie, Caroline, Damon, Enzo, Stefan. Mentions of Elena and Kai.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for all aired episodes.
Summary: The decision on becoming a vampire is taken out of Bonnie's hands.

If I'd had vampire blood in my system yesterday, would you have let that crazy driver hit me?Collapse )

Favours Returned

Title: Favours Returned
Fandom: Shadowhunters (books)
Characters: Raphael, Magnus, Simon.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for The Bane Chronicles, specifically Saving Raphael Santiago.
Summary: The real reason Raphael hates Simon is revealed as Magnus asks Raphael to help Simon through his transition.

So, it was you who turned SheldonCollapse )

Big Brother

Title: Big Brother
Fandom: Beyond
Characters: Luke, Holden, original schoolfriends of Luke's.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the first two episodes of Beyond. I haven't watched any of the others made already available so any errors are for that reason.
Summary: Luke struggles with acting as Holden's big brother when he's the younger of the two, but he remembers all those years when Holden was in the coma and knows why it's what he has to do.

It feels to Luke right now like things are going backwardsCollapse )

No More Second Chances

Title: No More Second Chances
Fandom: HTGAWM
Characters: Connor. Mentions of Oliver and Wes.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for all aired episodes, reference to character death.
Summary: Connor wishes he had chance to make things right with Wes.

You've called him Waitlist so many times when you talk about him, I guess I forgot what his real name isCollapse )

Collateral Damage

Title: Collateral Damage
Fandom: Arrow
Characters: Evelyn Sharp.
Warnings: Spoilers for S5
Rating: PG
Summary: Evelyn wonders if she made the wrong decision.

A part of her felt guilty about the other guys, at least Curtis, Rene and RoryCollapse )

Okay, these really are the last...

...because I still have a backlog of comments to reply to, a Christmas tree to put up although I will do that tomorrow, and Christmas cards to write and still to decide whether to bother sending to the relatives in Australia who don't reciprocate and all our real interaction is the occasional comment on Facebook which makes me wonder if they're even reading anyway. So this really is my last ficathon contribution.

For anonymous, any, any, remember when you tried to kill me twice?

Alaric looked at Damon, now fully himself and out of Sybil’s control, and wished they could go back to the way they had been so many years ago.

“I tried to kill you, Damon,” he began.

“And I tried to kill you too, and there was Isobel, and Jenna, I think we’re more than quits,” Damon replied.

For meridian_rose, any, any, party (filled with V)

“So, you do this every year, you get together for a party and give each other presents?” Lisa asked as Tyler led her into a room where Erica, Father Jack, Hobbes and Ryan were waiting, gathered round a tree.

“There’s a little bit more to it than that, Lisa, but sure,” Erica replied.

It was so much more fun than life on the Mothership with Anna, this was one tradition that Lisa wanted to learn more about.

For erinm_4600, Supernatural, Dean and Marie, fact checking the fanfic

Dean was surprised to receive the letter, forwarded on by Carver Edlund, from Marie saying that she had thought everything he’d told her had happened had been shit, but having now spoken to Carver at the musical production, she knows it was all true.

“So now that I know what really happened, I was thinking of writing another musical about that.”

“Hell, no,” Dean said aloud, although a part of him couldn’t help but admire her.

For anonymous, any, any, why are you still talking when there's science to be done? (filled with The Flash)

“So, on Earth 19 we do Christmas slightly differently, it’s a bigger deal over there because we don’t do Thanksgiving there, and…” HR broke off when he realised Wally was glaring at him.

“Look, we don’t have a lot of time for my training sessions, and Caitlin and Cisco need me in the lab, can you just give me my results?” Wally asked.

“You’re better than Barry at this stage too,” HR confirmed, and Wally was now happy to hear about Earth-19’s Christmas.

For samueljames, Fringe, Peter/Olivia, domesticity escapes us

“Have you ever wondered whether there’s another universe out there where we’re just a regular couple, no Fringe Division?” Olivia asked.

“No cow in the lab, no tears in the fabric of the universe, no having to keep Walter under control?” Peter laughed.

“No way!” they both exclaimed, pulling a face, knowing that if such a life existed they weren’t sure they wanted it.
These might be the final lot since I won't be able to write from Sunday to Wednesday, but I wrote enough so I'm okay with that.

For celeste9, Legends of Tomorrow, Mick/Leonard, partners in crime

Okay, so he knows the man standing before him isn’t his Snart, but another version of him from another universe, but he can live with that, it’s good enough, better than what he had before.

It’s not been the same without him, no matter how hard he’s tried to pretend he can make it work with Haircut.

With this version of Snart, he can go back to being the real Mick Rory, now he has his partner in crime back.

For silvr_dagger, any, any, fearful symmetry

Regina smiles to herself as she watches Snow become the bland dull elementary school teacher, Charming the comatose patient who’s probably more interesting now than he was when he was awake, Grumpy the town drunk.

None of them are going to get their happy endings except for her; she has won.

Then one day she sees herself through Henry’s eyes, realises he wears the same expression she wore for Cora; she has become her mother, and the one she cursed most of all was herself.

For hanorganaas, Arrow, Laurel Lance/Oliver Queen, In the Alternate Reality where they were happy....

Laurel smiles to herself as she draws up the seating plans for the reception, shops for dresses with Sara, vetoes a particularly bad joke from her father from his speech.

She can’t wait to become Mrs Oliver Queen, to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves.

Yet the day she takes the call from Tommy Merlyn where he apologises for not being able to get to the ceremony, she suddenly sees a picture of herself with him, and wonders what might have been.

For silvr_dagger, any, any, trickster (I went with the SPN trickster here)

He’ll do what Sam asked him to do, he’ll go back to the day where Dean Winchester died, he’ll save him.

But it is a fool’s errand, Gabriel knows it, and Sam knows it too, it’s only a matter of time before Dean’s deal with the demon reaches its end and Hell will claim him.

Gabriel’s giving Sam his borrowed time, but Sam will have to learn soon what life will be like without his brother.

For dreamsofspike, iZombie, Ravi/Blaine, he can't believe he's comforting this undead psychopath when what he'd really like to do is punch him in the face

When Ravi looks at Liv and Major, and thinks of what they could have been before Blaine turned Liv at that stupid party, he would quite happily punch Blaine in the face.

At first, just having Blaine in front of him had that effect too. But looking at him, so confused, not seeming to know who he is since he took that dose of cure (and Ravi doesn’t think he’s acting), he no longer feels that he can do that.

For bm_shipper, Supergirl/The Flash Crossover, Cisco/Winn, He just wanted to try out Kara's device, but then he started to talk to Cisco...

Winn hadn’t even expected to make contact with another universe when he picked up Kara’s device, was just trying to see how it worked really, never knowing what would be in store for him in that one moment when he picked it up.

Cisco had thought it was Kara trying to reach Barry, and knew he shouldn’t have picked up, but also couldn’t resist trying out the technology, then as he realised what an expert he was talking to, he wanted to know more.

As both realised just how much they had in common, found themselves thinking the same thing at the same time so often, they found themselves frequently cursing the fact that they lived in different universes, but they knew it wasn’t forever, that they would be together one day.

eternal_moonie, that last one is also for you, although you probably guessed that from the last paragraph.

Ficathon fills #1

May add a few more here, may not, (may also need restraining - you know who you are) but these are my first lot of fills from the ficathon:

For eternal_moonie, Supergirl, Mon-El/Kara, confession

Since Mon-El had known Kara, he felt like so often he had to apologise for something, be it the screwup he had made of his one-day internship at Catco, or that time she’d caught him acting as vigilante and found out exactly what his new job involved.

This confession, his confession of the feelings he’d been starting to develop for her ever since she’d found him and brought him into their circle, could end equally badly, he knew.

But he watched Kara’s face as he began to tell her how he felt, and realised that this time, here was a confession that was going to go well for him.

For daria234, Gotham, Jim Gordon/Mario Falcone, comfort

It hadn’t been the real Mario Falcone, Jim tried to tell him, even as he watched Mario weep as he came to himself, cured of the infection from Alice’s tainted blood, and realised exactly what he had done to the woman they had both loved.

In other circumstances, Mario would have thought it insane that the man comforting him now was the man who had spent their entire relationship wanting Lee for himself. But looking at Jim now, Mario knew that Jim was possibly the only person in Gotham to understand how he truly felt, and the only person he wanted near him now.

For eternal_moonie, The Flash, Barry/Julian, one night of drinking doesn't make us friends

One of the many things that had always infuriated Julian about Barry was his persistent absences from work that he could never satisfactorily explain, but now, faced with Barry constantly asking him to meet up for drinks with him and those friends of his, or even alone, and Julian found himself wishing that Barry would go back to being MIA.

“I know you said that one night of drinking doesn’t make us friends, which is why I’m offering more, maybe if we have a few more nights hanging out, you’ll get to see me differently, and besides I could use all the friends I can get right now?”

“Probably true,” Julian replied before shrugging and grabbing his coat, thinking that even as he said that, he’s not so sure Barry’s wrong.

For lizzie_marie_23, Harry Potter, Peter Pettigrew, flexing his silver hand

He flexes his silver hand, bestowed upon him by the Dark Lord as a reward for helping to return him to his body, and he reflects how lucky he is to have been granted this.

The Dark Lord has made it clear enough times, after all, that Pettigrew is useless, that he only tolerated him because he was the servant who had chosen to return to him when all had seemed lost, and Pettigrew would not have blamed him for leaving him with a miserable stump.

But as he remembered how Harry Potter had saved his life, and the hand turned on him, Pettigrew wondered if he could have been saved had Voldemort not bothered.

For adamas, The Vampire Diaries, Damon/Elena, it's been ten years since she fell asleep

Elena’s upset that it’s only ten years; she had hoped for Bonnie to lead a long and fulfilling life, and now she knows that that was not to be.

She reads the diary entries written for her by Stefan, Caroline, Alaric, and slowly takes in everything that has happened in the ten years she has been asleep.

Damon watches her reading, hopes that one day she may be able to forgive him.

For celeste9, The Originals, any Mikaelson, eternity

They speak of always and forever, and every one of the siblings has told Freya that the words apply to her too.

But they don’t, and never will, not really, for she remains mortal and will age with time, while her siblings continue with their existence without her.

Sometimes Freya wonders how her siblings truly feel that she will not be among them for eternity.

For [Unknown LJ tag], iZombie, Liv, half life

So she’s still here, you could say she made it.

But what kind of a life is this, forced to eat brains rather than the chicken she used to love, estranged from her family as she was unable to explain exactly why she couldn’t give her brother a transfusion, not living and yet not dead?

And as her personality changes with every brain she eats, she begins to wonder if she’s even still Liv any more.

For silvr_dagger, any, any, siren song (filled with TVD, Enzo)
Enzo wonders whether, if Elena were still here, Damon would have found it any easier to resist Sybil’s siren song.

He still has Bonnie, he still has something to hold on to, and that’s what keeps him holding on to his humanity, not letting Sybil fully in, not letting her control him as she does Damon.

If Enzo didn’t have Bonnie, he wonders, would he have fallen so completely under her spell too?

For lizzie_marie_23, Harry Potter, Sirius and Harry, "I know, honey, you don't agree, but this is our family tree."

“But you told me once that all pure bloods were related, Sirius, so why don’t you know how we are?”

“If there was any family bigger blood traitors than the Weasleys, it was the Potters, and I can only assume that your ancestors were blasted off the family tree so long ago that no one can remember how we’re related any more.”

Harry had to admit that was plausible, but still wished he knew exactly how he was related to Sirius.

For silvr_dagger, any, any, dangerous magic (The Secret Circle, Diana)
Diana looks at Cassie, and wonders how she can bear to embrace her dark magic.

Diana wants to rip hers out, to be able to pretend that it isn’t a part of her, that John Blackwell isn’t a part of her.

It’s affecting them all, Cassie, Faye, even Adam now, and Diana is determined to cling on to the person she has always been.

For silvr_dagger, Any, any, Beware, my girl, beware of these memories/And what is real

Sometimes Peeta feels like it’s just a game to them, every time he asks someone “Real or not real?”

But it’s not, not to him, can never be anything but a nightmare from which he can’t escape, seeing visions of people before his eyes, Foxface, his parents, saying they’re dead because of him.

One day he fears he’ll fly at Katniss, hurt her, kill her, unable to distinguish which memories are real.

For samueljames, The Flash, Eddie/Joe, in another universe they're partners outside of work too

Joe smiles as he watches Eddie Thawne walk through the lobby, coffee in hand, pausing to exchange a few words with some guy, and it pleases him to know that here, on this earth, at least he is alive, well and happy, and maybe even making a version of Iris happy too.

As Joe watches, Eddie crosses the hall, and pauses to kiss….that universe’s Joe West? What the hell?


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